Wine pourers a multi-millennium tradition Bob’s Blog from Around Hermitage

Updated: Jan 9

I recently was given a rather special gift by Professor Mathew Vadas AO of the Centenary Institute in Sydney, which Tintilla wines have supported for over a decade, it was a hand blown wine pourer of an impressive size! It got me thinking about how we serve our wines and of course the influence of screw caps- they seem to have taken the theatre out of pouring wines.

It goes without saying decanters have played an important role throughout the centuries. Now the purists among us would say a decanter comes with a stopper such as seen in the two traditional glass decanters seen here and a carafe is a pourer without a stopper. Either way, they are primarily used to separate the sediment that settles in wine as it ages.

In Greek and Roman times wine was stored in sealed Amphoras and was known to age well for many years.