There wont be many coming home

Updated: Jan 9

Sandakan Death March Bob’s Blog from Around Hermitage

Address by Emeritus Professor Robert Lusby AM,

Sandakan Memorial Burwood Sunday 4th August 2019

When asked to speak at this ceremony in memory of the infamous Sandakan Death March the words of a song sung by Roy Orbison came to mind

There won't be many coming home- maybe 10 out of 20, maybe 5 out of 20,

There won’t be many…. there may not be any

If none come back but one, he is Still some mother’s son...

There won't be many coming home.

With only SIX Australian POW’s surviving out of 1787 men, in the three years on the Sandakan – Ranau Burma camps it represents one of the darkest events in Australian History.

Little is known about the events that took place due to the lack of survivors, whereas there is much more recognition of the terrible treatment of POW’s on the Burma Railway where many more survived to tell their stories.

‘Pray for him and to him’ Words of a mother in memorium of a fallen son, a POW from Changi