Rosé steps forward in time for Christmas

Updated: Jan 9

By any other name would it taste the same? Bob’s blog from AROUND HERMITAGE

Domaine Robert

Rosé has become THE recreational drink of choice over the last few years, not just in Australia but worldwide, a global phenomenon.

Amazingly there has been a 35% year on year growth in this intriguing little wine which just goes to show how perceptive my wife and daughter are. Data presented by Damien Ferreira Gomes from Google Travel, at the recent Wine Media Conference here in Pokolbin of Google Analysis showing trends in wine consumption, confirmed what we have been seeing at the Cellar Door.

So with summer just upon us its time to look around for your kind of Rosé. After all, as the saying goes ‘Oils aren’t oils’ and there are definitely many variations within the cluster of these lovely wines.

We tend to think of the wines of that sunny south of France, Provence as the home of this wine style.

And of course, it also comes in that