Updated: Jan 9

Presented by:

Heather Wilson

ADFAS Pokolbin AGM

20 November, 2017

It is my pleasure to deliver the Chairman’s Report for 2017.

I wish to acknowledge the incredible efforts of my predecessors, whose efforts have laid a strong foundation from which we continue to develop and flourish. In particular, I wish to thank Paula Cameron, our Immediate Past Chairman. Paula has been a great source of encouragement and support to myself and to all of us. Paula leaves the committee tonight and should be content in knowing she has earned the respect and gratitude of all those members fortunate enough to work alongside her.

This has been another happy and prosperous year for our society.

Our annual membership reached 135 and we were fortunate to have many visitors join us throughout the year.

Our lectures have been of a consistently high standard, all receiving excellent reviews and feedback from our members and guests. These lectures continue to enrich our lives in both quality and content. We have enjoyed interesting and informative lectures from two Australian and six International experts in their fields.

Frequent social events are still very much a feature of our calendar. They comprise an important component of the ongoing success of our Pokolbin society.

In March this year eleven very fortunate members embarked on a memorable Tour to Tasmania. The content and experiences included in the tour were outstanding. This was in no small part, the result of the knowledge and guidance of our National Chairman, Mrs Jill Bale, in collaboration with ADFAS Travel. Members of ADFAS within the societies of Hobart and Launceston also contributed hugely to the quality of the experiences we so enjoyed.

A highlight was our attendance at The Glover Prize Cocktail Party and Presentation in Evandale, Tasmania. This followed an amazing day spent following in the footsteps of John Glover. We visited his home and farm, enjoying the surrounding scenery which provided much inspiration behind his artistic endeavours and creativity. Finally we visited his burial place.

It is important to note that we were very disappointed as a Society, when we learned that we were travelling under the guise of Academy Travel. We had planned our Tour and intended to be part of ADFAS Travel, our Australian Society Travel arm of the same company. One of our intentions being the added bonus of adding to the incoming funds of our National Society.

In May we held our annual “New Members’ Cocktail Party.”

Judy Wearne was again, our very gracious hostess and warmly welcomed us into her delightful home.

In early August we enjoyed a successful visit to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Fifty-one members and friends enjoyed two major exhibitions. In the morning we viewed “The Archibald Prize” and in the afternoon “The Georgia O’Keeffe, Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith Exhibition”. It was a day filled with camaraderie and shared enjoyment.