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ADFAS Conference report

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

ADFAS Pokolbin Chairman’s report from Robert Lusby AM

Annual Conference Sydney September 2019

Possibly the most interesting aspect of the meeting was the four-minute address by our National President, the renowned conservator Julian Bickersteth.

Salvatore Mundi

Authenticity was his theme, pointing out in an era of fake news, low opinions of politicians and public officials, the press, and just about everything else it was the Arts that came to the fore. In particular art galleries and museums were held in high esteem but he warned not to believe everything you see and hear even there. To illustrate his point he showed us slides of the worlds most expensive painting sold at auction for $450million US! Said to be a Leonardo da Vinci that was once in the collection of Charles 1st

before restoration

Restored in New York it was sold with the bidding advancing in $30 million lots!

this had the Charles 1st mark so probably the origional not a Leonardo