ADFAS: Bringing a touch of the Arts

Updated: Jan 9

Sunrise by Monet National Gallery of Australia

Bringing a touch of the arts for us to enjoy

Having just driven to Canberra to see the Monet - Impression Sunrise exhibition I had a lot of time to contemplate the impact of the arts on everyday life.

Love, life, escapism, insights into existance and place, mood expression-elevation and depression, shades of dark and light, so many aspects to reflect on.

The good thing is we can take in many aspects of the world of arts by just going into the Cessnock Centre for Performing Arts for our ADFAS meetings.

The range of topics we bring to ADFAS Pokolbin meetings is impressive- from Jewelry to cubism, pottery to silk curtains, design, theatre, dress, fashion…whatever takes your fancy. It is sometimes surprising how a topic you would not normally rush to ends up being most informative and enjoyable.

The arts have a way of reaching out and getting you in. Something to distract from everyday life or even stimulate new interests. After our lectures, we have a get together with finger food and fine Hunter wines served by the enthusiastic members of your committee.