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Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys

The Diary of Samuel Pepys London Restoration

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The Diary of Samuel Pepys and Restoration London

Presented by - FULLERTON, Susannah B.A, OAM M.Sc. (Arts) Arts Society Lecturer

The diary of Samuel Pepys has long been considered the greatest diary in the English language. Historians have found it invaluable, but it is also a superb work of literature and the record of an extraordinary man.

Susannah Fullerton’s talk on Pepys tells of his experience of the Plague and the Great Fire, his constant womanising, his theatre-going and his dinners. Susannah loves to share her enthusiasm for this most human and delightful of diarists.


Raffle prizes for this lecture will be the following books:

Samuel Pepys-The Diary

Placeholder TBD

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

by Samuel Pepys

The Unequalled Self

Placeholder TBD

The Unequalled Self

by Claire Tomalin

Raffle tickets are sold at the door and cost $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00.

Two winning tickets are drawn and the first winner takes first pick.

The raffle is drawn at the conclusion of the lecture.