Monday, October 10
The Explorer

by Robert Ketton


Whilst Robert talks about the life and times of JMW Turner, Catherine will take to the easel to give us a glimpse of Turner's style and technique. Turner lived at a time of great social change and scientific intervention. More than anyone else he recorded, in thousands of works of art, the transition of Britain from a rural to an industrial society. Turner was a fascinating character: secretive, driven, penny-pinching, generous, chaotic in his private life, fiercely patriotic, and regarded as one of the greatest nineteenth-century painters.

Robert Ketton - Turner the Explorer2jpeg.jpeg


In 1976 Robert was appointed as a Lecturer in Theatre at the University of Southern Queensland. Robert spent 33 years teaching acting and directed dozens of plays for the university's Performance Centre. Since 2009 Robert has worked for GP Connections and Medicare local. In 2011 he established "Floodlight" a federal government-funded organisation aimed at helping flood victims. Robert enjoys a great passion for the life and times of JMW Turner which he shares with his wife Catherine.


Raffle tickets are sold at the door and cost $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. Two winning tickets are drawn and the first winner takes the first pick. The raffle is drawn at the conclusion of the lecture.

Robert & Catherine Ketton